An 80:20 talk-based, training session, where you get 80% of what you need to know in 20% of the time most training sessions take. You'll either live without the other 20% or at least know the questions to ask and where to get answers. 

An hour long, perfect for lunchtime brain food sessions.

Title: Teach your kids to code

Because: If you give a child a games computer they'll play games. Give them coding tools and skills and they'll make their own games. YOU, as a parent and/or teacher, can inspire them to create not consume. Yes you!

Background: I have always been surprised how hands off many parents are with their kids education, especially around areas they know little about. Coding is such an area and I've been baffled how even high end computer programmer parents are unaware of the entry level tools and techniques available to teach kids to code and how many schools still aren't covering coding with most teachers knowing little, leaving it to the ICT lead. 

Many parents and teachers are just too busy to find the time to look into coding, even though they know it is a key skill for their kids and that it will give them 'SuperDad' (or Mum) status at home and a career boost as a teacher, of any subject at primary or secondary.

Who: This is a very accessible session that covers a whole range of entry level approaches to teaching kids to code. It is suitable for parents, god-parents, grand parents, neighbour hipsters as well as teachers/TAs for CPD. No computing ability required beyond basic use of computer. If you can check email can you can get your kids into coding.


  • A look at the free coding tool Scratch and how it can be used to create simple games and control Lego devices. 

  • How to code the latest wearable technology in the BBC:Microbit, now freely available to all Year 7 children and primary school Code Clubs as well as purchasable for just a tenner or so online.

  • On overview of a range of devices, apps and online resources that you and your children/school can access to further develop skills. Many you already have/have access to.

Includes: Delegates will get summary notes, links and further references as well as access to a short refresher video. Aand affordable birthday/Christmas present ideas.

Why me, Nick Corston: Via my work with STEAM Co. I have gained extensive experience of entry level coding. I consulted to the first BBC Education documentary on coding the Raspberry Pi and worked with Barclays Digital Eagles on teaching primary children to code the BBC:Microbit. I delivered this course on Google Campus as part of London Internet Week to an audience that included a wide range of parents including members of Google's tech team, all of whom found it invaluable and enjoyable.

It's an eye opener for parents and teachers alike.