It's all very well teaching children to decode, but we also have to help them make meaning, to help them understand what they are reading in order for them to develop a love of reading.

As literacy consultant Pie Corbett told me when I was writing an edition of the  Literate Times newspaper for ReadingWise, it's all very well testing children on their comprehension, but what good if we don't teach them comprehension strategies.

It's like Einstein's definition of insanity: "Doing the same thing, expecting different results".

Watch the short film below that I made on how understanding what good readers do, led to the development of a ground breaking new Comprehension intervention from ReadingWise.

You'll see the system in use and hear feedback from a school that is using it.


Over a 20 hour programme of two 45 minute sessions a week, learners are introduced to and given the chance to practice using four Comprehension 'Mega Skills' and acquire robust strategies to help them make meaning from what they are reading.

  • Empowers - after just an hour of CPD that I can deliver, TA's are able to support struggling readers' use of the intervention in two 45 minute sessions a week.

  • Reach - groups of ten learners can use the system at a time so it's much more effective than 1:1 interventions

  • Engaging - this unique intervention combines the best of one to one, self paced guided reading at a screen together with the pleasure of a TA led group discussion

Case studY

Watch this case study film of the system in use in a primary school setting with EAL challanges.


Hear how this school is using the ReadingWise Comprehension intervention and the impact it has had on the children's reading and confidence.


Would like to try the ReadingWise Comprehension intervention in your school, to jump start your struggling readers and empower your colleagues?

It's easy:

1: Sign up - get in touch on the form here

2: Training - a one hour training session in using the system for your team. I can do this online or may be able to visit you.

3: Free trial - I will then set you up for a free two week trial for ten learners in your school.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you, alongside my ReadingWise colleagues.

[ReadingWise and these Decoding and Comprehension interventions are © IdeasWise Ltd 2016 - used with permission]