I have several decades' public speaking experience both at trade shows, sales pitches and conferences and have worked for a wide range of clients including Adobe, Microsoft, Sony PlayStation, Worldcom and Creative Labs among many others.

As well as working alone, I have led and worked in teams to concept and deliver shows with additional actor/presenter support to further increase audience engagement and impact.

Whether a keynote or after dinner, I can speak on a wide range of subjects including but never ever limited to:

  • Creativity - across education, business and community drawing on my journey with the social enterprise STEAM Co. that I co-founded and now lead which has received endorsement from global gurus as diverse as Sir Ken Robinson, Dame Julia Cleverdon, Lemn Sissay MBE and Ashok Vaswani, CEO Barclays.

  • Education - while 'just a dad' or maybe because of it, I have gained a wealth of experience and understanding of education systems and have a number of stories and perspectives based on these that will be of interest to parents, business people, teachers and others alike. 

  • Let's talk about you - given that people don't just buy people any more, but interested and interesting people, you need to get on it. In this talk, I will share my story, my inspiration and the lessons I've learned so you don't have to and can just get on with creating yours. 

  • Responsible business - I have a wealth of experience of working with some of the world's biggest companies and agencies, observing their CSR approaches. In this talk I look at the companies that have got it right and wrong. It will  inspire you and your company's journey.

  • Literacy - in my work helping launch an innovative literacy intervention, I have gathered a range of invaluable perspectives and connections in this area. This session can be delivered as a certificated CPD session for teachers and TAs and makes a perfect INSET day session.

  • Innovation - having spent my career in the business world and, specifically several years leading one of the UK's fastest growing and celebrated co-creation consultancies, I have a wealth of experience in this area and can speak on it from various perspectives - strategic, creative and commercial, as well as facilitate workshops.

  • Marketing - no one working in marketing from the smallest SME to the largest global enterprise will have failed to notice how the world, their world has changed in our personalised, data driven and connected economy. Having spoken at and attended conferences across the world, I can fine tune and deliver a talk that will engage, inspire and mobilise your teams.

  • Employee engagement - having worked with one of the country's leading employee engagement consultancies and been on leadership teams running employee engagement programs in a number of companies, I have first hand experience and anecdotes around the background, conception and implementation of effective strategies.

  • Kids and coding - this session provides an overview of the key issues around teaching kids to code, particularly parents and primary school teams. Having consulted to BBC Education programmes on coding and leading group session myself at Google Campus, I bring a fresh, unique hands on and practical perspective to this critical skills area. No geek speak here!

From 30 minutes to a day, all these talks can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and designed to include interactive workshop elements for complete engagement.

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