An 80:20 training session, where you get 80% of what you need to know in 20% of the time most training sessions take. You'll either live without the other 20% or at least know the questions to ask and where to get answers. 

An hour long, perfect for lunchtime brain food sessions.

Title: People (don't just) buy people.

Because: In this busy, hyper connected and information rich, nay overloaded, world you have to establish connections with people quickly and with authenticity. Talking about the weather or the traffic, however nicely, just doesn't wash any more.

Background: The old cliche 'People buy people' slips off the tongue and gives everyone concerned a warm fuzzy feeling, everyone thinks it's true. But everyone has moved on.

People actually buy Interested and Interesting people. Is that you?

I have worked in a wide range of agencies and seen tons of time and budget poured into the black hole of pitching, while the same mistakes are made and pitches lost. Yet getting it right and standing a much better chance of winning wouldn't have cost any more, if they'd known a few simple things. About people. Themselves.

Who: Service and experience based businesses and individuals that have to sell themselves and their work to clients in pitch situations - not only business development professionals, but more importantly the leadership team and wider company, as winning business is a team effort.


  • It's not what you do but why. Finding your why and helping you take 'Your Turn', drawing inspiration from Seth Godin's book of the same name which inspired me.

  • How we’re all artists now - simple things everyone and every company can do to connect through their art to be interested and interesting, both at work, between jobs and at home.

  • Examples of, and ideas for, personal and agency conversation - starting initiatives beyond the predictable company softball and charity sponsored walks. 

Includes: Delegates will get summary notes, links and further references as well as access to a short refresher video.

Why me, Nick Corston: With years experience working in both my own and some of the world's biggest marketing agencies and companies, I've seen it go right and wrong. I've read the books, been on the training courses and in this session bring you the highlights. 

I have delivered this course in various companies and agencies over the years and it has proved very popular with junior and senior staff alike.